If you like coloring Barbie pages, then you have come to the right place.
To print a coloring picture you like, simply click on the picture and it will open full-size - then you can right click on it and choose PRINT PICTURE or you can click on FILE in the top left of your screen and then choose PRINT...of you could even press CONTROL and the letter P on your keyboard to print it!
There are so many ways to print these Barbie  coloring pages!

Here are three Barbie colouring pages - click on the one you like best to see it full size...then print it. There's Barbie in a prom, formal dress, Barbie combing her hair and Australian Barbie with a koala, an emu and a kangaroo.

Whether you call them kleurplaat, pagine da colorare, coloriage, 着色页, pangkulay pahina, kleurende pagina, färglägga, 著色頁, pages à colorier, صفحات التلوين , boyama, रंग पृष्ठों or dibujos para colorear - we hope you enjoy these! 

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