So your birthday party is coming up and you're looking for Barbie invitations to print and fill in with your party details, your guest's name and of course your name and RSVP details. Well, if you're a Barbie fan these are just two of the options you have. If you click on this site's categories (in the column to the right) under 'Barbie Invitations' you will find many many more free and printable Barbie themed party invitations.
The Barbie invite at the top is particularly large so will print up very well and very sharp. Both invites are best printed on cardstock I think and you can re-size them to fit whatever paper size you want if you save the image and then insert it into a Word Document. Alternatively, if you just want to print them as they are - click on the image you like best - and it will open nice and big - then press CONTROL and the letter P to print as a shortcut on your keyboard.

If you are planning a pajama party - check out the free invitations for sleepover party at our sister site by clicking on the image above. 

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