Free Barbie sleepover invitation for those of you who are planning a sleepover as your next birthday party - this is a great , classy Barbie invitation that would suit tweens and teen girls - just click on the image to see t nice and big - and then print however many copies you need for the numvber of guests you are inviting to your slumber party.

If you don't like this invite, then this site sleepover invitations for girls has 100s of orginal slumber party invitations featuring lots of children's characters 

They have a 'search'  box in the left hand column of their page and all you have to do is type in 'Barbie' or 'Spongebob' or whatever it is that you love, and you'll see lots of free printable pajama party invitations that you can save and print and use for your party - all of them are the type where you fill in the blanks with details of your own party so you can personalise them.
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